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Coast Paige Floral Jacquard Dress D Sale Clearance Store CcM7sapa1
Coast Paige Floral Jacquard Dress D
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Otherwise (ft Lil' Everfree)

by Beckett Mens Brown Lace Up Ankle Boot Brown 620f1m

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Matthew L
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Paul Vandiver
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Jack Morton
Opal Tiger
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(v1) Head to hoof, I've never been better Better than I feel now Feel my pain, and you'd feel nothing Nothing can get me down And I've told a thousand lies before But you hear truth and nothing more Nothing more Bring the day, I think I'm ready Ready to open my door Whoa... (pre-chorus) Every step I take outside Is a sign that I feel alive And even if I change my mind I'm not gonna roll those dice (chorus) And no one's told me otherwi-i-ise I'll move like a butterfly-y-y I'm not gonna cover my eye-eye-eyes Oh, no one's told me otherwise No one's told me otherwise (otherwise, otherwise, otherwise...) (v2) Well, I got no reason to worry Worry myself away 'Cause in the end, I'm in no hurry Taking my time today A single route and so much air And I could break, but I won't dare But I'm the only one knows the meaning of "Handle with care" Yeah... (repeat pre-chorus) Every step I take outside Is a sign that I feel alive And even if I change my mind I'm not gonna roll those dice (repeat chorus) And no one's told me otherwi-i-ise I'll move like a butterfly-y-y I'm not gonna cover my eye-eye-eyes Oh, no one's told me otherwise No one's told me otherwise (otherwise, otherwise, otherwise...) (bridge) I'll keeping singing, no one stop me I'll keep bringing on this melody I'll keeping singing, no one stop me I'll keep bringing on this melody Da, da, da...
released November 24, 2015
all rights reserved


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4EverfreeBrony Auburn, Washington

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With a bachelor´s degree in business administration, Rafael is VTEX's Sales VP for EMEA Market and has been working with e-commerce for the last 10 years. During his career, he was appointed to the first country manager of VTEX, expanding the company to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Ecuador. In 2013 he became a professor at Impacta for their MBA course in Brazil. Now he's responsible for VTEX's expansion to EMEA market leading the sales team.

Konstantinos Tovil SVP, e-Commerce TBI Bank

Kostas has 16 years of experience in retail banking with focus in consumer finance and cards in companies operating successfully on several South Eastern European markets. He started his career in Citibank and has held executive positions in EFG Eurobank in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. He is highly experienced in managing deposits, investment products and transactional banking. He had a leading role in establishing and managing the Affluent Banking Division in two banks. Kostas holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Middlesex University and a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry from Kingston University. He is also a member of the UK Royal Society of Chemistry.

Florin Filote Marketplace Director, eMAG

Mr. Florin Filote is the head of eMAG Marketplace for more than two years. His former experience in companies such as Selgros (major cashcarry retailer) and Ecopack undoubtedly helps him to overachieve the eMAG Marketplace growth agenda. During his supervision the platform is about to develop to an impressive 10000+ participating sellers in the region till the end of the year. Now Florin Filote is ready to share what does it take to attract so many partners and how to scale a platform to such level. eMAG was founded in 2001 by Romanian entrepreneurs and is the local e-commerce market leader. The company has a strong presence in Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland which makes it one of the top e-tailers in the CEE region. For all these 16 years eMAG focuses and invests in constantly improving customer shopping experience. Clients benefit from added value services, such as 30-days return policy, opening the parcel at delivery, 24/7 call center, Pick Up and Return Service, loan financing through eCredit, or mobile app access. At eMAG customers can find a wide range of products, from IT, mobile phones, domestic appliances, electronics, books to children articles, auto parts and accessories, home and garden or sport equipment.

Hannu Vangsgaard Digital Executive with a nuclear drive

Hannu Vangsgaard is an internet pioneer from Denmark with more than 20 years of experience from various roles in the digital arena. He is the former Head of Digital and E-commerce Manager in Denmark’s largest retailer, Dansk Supermarked. Hannu was also a Chief Digital Officer in a Danish top 3 advertising agency and he co-founded one of the first search marketing agencies in Denmark back in 1998. In Dansk Supermarked Hannu headed the e-commerce business from the very beginning with two interns, an empty office, a big bag of money – and an organisation that saw e-commerce as an annoying distraction from the real business, the 1,000+ brick and mortar stores. The next two years the e-commerce business grew from basically nothing to €40 million + in revenue and an e-commerce organisation counting more than 100 staff.

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Business Development Manager at Google

Join 25,000+ Laravel Developers and join the free Laravel Newsletter

24 Pull Requests is a project to promote open source collaboration during the month of December. The idea is to “Send 24 pull requests between December 1st and December 24th,” and it encourages developers to give back to open source with little gifts of code.

This is the fourth year and there are currently 11,093 developers and 10,201 organizations participating. If you are new to open source or are a seasoned pro it’s a great way of supporting the community.

Joe Ferguson, the creator of , has been participating since the beginning and I had the opportunity to interview him about it.

What made you decide to start contributing to 24 Pull Requests?

I ran across 24 Pull Requests in 2013 from my Twitter feed. I thought it was a cool idea and the angle they promote is “giving back little gifts of code for Christmas.” They also do a wonderful job at onboarding people who may not have ever contributed to open source software, let alone open a pull request. They also make it easy for seasoned veterans to find projects to contribute to. Once you sign up for an account, you can choose from a giant list of programming languages and they’ll give you related suggestions of things to work on. I found some really neat projects from their suggestions and met some awesome people. 24 Pull Requests is how I found out about Snipe-IT , an open source Asset Management project built on Laravel. I was happy to find a Laravel project since it was easy for me to jump into the code base and start offering help. The next year I met Mark Railton , an awesome developer who was working on a simple freelancing management application. He was building this app in part to scratch his own itch but also to further his development skills. I learned a lot working on that project and used it as a test case for learning the Codeception testing framework in depth.

Absolutely. I’ve found projects I would have likely not found before and learned so much about how other OSS projects work. It’s also been interesting to see other developers solving problems in different ways. The first year I participated I was a solo developer at a company and still trying to figure out if I was the only one doing things a particular way. In recent years it’s empowered me to jump into languages and code I would normally be intimidated by, such as JavaScript. Because I’ve been able to contribute and get feedback via these pull requests I feel like I’ve gained so much in areas I was previously lacking in my skillset.

I’ve learned so many things, from automating code style checks via EditorConfig to how other developers handle Pull Requests and even conflict resolution. It has also taught me how to gracefully reject a pull request or an idea which just doesn’t seem to fit the project. I feel like I’ve been able to bring a lot of my experiences from 24 Pull Requests to the rest of my OSS work, especially the Phergie IRC Bot project where I am one of the maintainers. With Phergie we want to promote easy onboarding and a supportive environment. I learned from Chris Hartjes it’s important to thank people for submitting pull requests. He’s commented several times that as a project owner or maintainer it’s very important to thank and support your users and contributors. The grateful attitude I’ve seen him practice in his own OSS work is something I admire and really try to bring to my projects.

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